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ANPME, strategic player in Moroccan competitiveness policy
  The CMC is a Moroccan think-tank specialised in economic and social issues (Ph.: Archives).
The national agency for the promotion of small and medium enterprises (ANPME) is a strategic player in Morocco's competitiveness policy, says the Centre Marocain de Conjoncture* in its May ‘Letter', dedicated to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“After a difficult beginning and modest achievements, the ANPME has succeeded in asserting itself as a central player in the policy aiming at the competitive modernisation of SMEs,” reads the CMC's Letter.

But despite its involvement in many development programmes, such as Emergence Plan, Azur Plan, etc., the agency is still suffering from a number of problems hampering its role: lack of human and material resources, unclear mission and action plan, and lack of data on Morocco's SMEs, explains the French-language publication.

Concerning Morocco's SMEs themselves, the document underlines that these companies, given their size and local character, undergo rapid transformations under the effect of globalisation, which makes competition harder.

The monthly publication also gives some details of the contract programme signed to promote the country's SMEs, as part of Emergency plan.

It thus explained that this contract provides for the reinforcement of SME's productiveness, the reconfiguration and consolidation of the fabric of these companies and the creation of new competitive ones.

It then compares this contract with the European Business Act, which was also enacted in 1953 to foster entrepreneurship spirit and help with the development Europe's SMEs, which currently represent 99% of its companies.

“Europe counts 23 million small and medium companies, that is 99% of its companies. They are employing two thirds of the labour force, that is 100 million employees,” it went on.

The May Letter also recalled the current difficult context in which the Moroccan SMEs are operating, alluding to the international financial crisis, stressing that this latter may prove to be an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

* The CMC is a Moroccan think-tank specialised in economic and social issues.
  By CMC
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