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Morocco major economic player in Africa, researcher
Morocco has become a major player in the African economic affairs, said on Tuesday Abdelmalek Alaoui, the associate-manager of Global Intelligence Partners.

Morocco has a strong economic diplomacy, stressed Alaoui, explaining that the number of Royal visits to sub-Saharan Africa has noticeably increased since the accession of HM King Mohammed VI to the throne.

Most importantly is the number of businessmen who accompany him in these visits, with the aim of establishing partnerships and investing in these countries, he added, at a conference on the presence of the Maghreb countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The manager of the economic intelligence agency also underlined that sometimes business relations precede and even diplomatic ones.

Alaoui thus called for launching long-term investments which may not yield immediate results but which may play a major role in boosting Morocco's political influence in Africa, alluding to the Sahara issue.

For her part, Nezha Alaoui, economic researcher at the Mohamed V University in Rabat, tackled the Maghreb relations with the European Union, highlighting the individual approach followed by the three main countries of the Maghreb.

She explained that each country has concluded it bilateral agreements with the EU, that is to say one countries against a block of countries.

The researcher thus wondered if the Maghreb countries would not have more power if they negotiate as one unit the partnership agreements with the EU.

This conference was held as part of a seminar organized on December 14-15 by the Centre Marocain de Conjoncture (CMC) and the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI).

Themed "between crisis and globalization: the place of the Maghreb in the world economy", the seminar brought together a number of Maghreban and European economists.

The two-day seminar is part of a research program launched by the IFRI and supported by Morocco's Cherifian Office of Phosphates (OCP) on "the Maghreb in its regional and international environment".

This program is intended to help redefine the way in which the region's international integration is approached.

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