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  Why such an initiative
1- This special and target-oriented website will mark an opening up of the CMC on its environment, particularly the international one
    This will show, on the one hand, its capacity to durably engage in the globalisation process underway, and on the other hand, its capacity to adapt to the technological changes.
2- This project offers to support decision makers’ efforts to attract foreign investments, through providing a centralised system of relevant and strategic information.
    This information, in the form of analyses, surveys and studies, will help with making the decision to invest in an emerging market economy.
  The objectives of the project
  • To fill the lack and respond to a pressing need for economic, financial and social information about Morocco in English;
  • To help foreign investors have a better visibility on the Moroccan economic situation, through providing them with relevant and up-to-date information and rigorous news follow-up;
  • To accompany the opening up and modernisation dynamics of the Moroccan economy;
  • To be an effective communication lever for the CMC, with regard to its external environment, aiming to orient potential readers towards the other publications of the Centre;
  Prestigious partners
  This project has seen the light of day thanks to the support of prestigious partners:
CNIA Assurance
    The CNIA is a leader company working in the insurance sector in Morocco. It is one of the major players in the Moroccan market.
Caisse de Dépôt et de gestion (CDG)
    The CDG is a large public financial institution. It is a heavy-weight player in the Moroccan economy. It works in different sectors through a number of subsidiaries or organisations specialised in the real estate, tourism or financial fields.
Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP)
    The OCP is a national industrial group recognised internationally. It aims to position itself durably in the world’s main phosphates markets.
  The Centre Marocain de Conjoncture: an institution at the service of decision makers
    The CMC has succeeded during more than a decade to position itself as an independent and credible analysis structure that projects and forecasts the national and international business climate. It hopes to contribute to a better understanding of the socio-economic, sectoral and general situation.

    The CMC’s documents, studies, surveys, polls, as well as the seminars and events it organises on a regular basis, all prove that the Centre adopts a distinguishing strategy with regard to competition.

    In fact, the chosen strategic orientation, including forecasts and impact analysis, and the use of very technical statistical devices, has always been a priority for CMC’s experts, putting the Centre at the forefront in terms of economic outlook. Finally, the CMC has always been spurred on by its willingness to serve as an operational link between the university, the administration and the private sector.

    As part of an initiative to diversify its products, the Centre Marocain de Conjoncture (CMC) is launching a specialised news website in the English language. It is the first English-language website specialised in business in Morocco. The launch of this website aims to widen the scope of the CMC to satisfy different audiences, particularly at the international level, as part of the Moroccan economy’s on-going opening up on its regional and international environment.
  The general context of the project
    The follow-up, analysis and forecast of the business climate require an organisation like the CMC to adapt its communication tools, so as to guarantee a better visibility at the international level.

    Eager to permanently improve its products and services, the CMC has drawn up a new strategy based on the principle of positive accumulation of achievements and experiences, and the exploration of new paths, enabling it to renew, on a larger basis, the expertise attributes of its institutional position.

    This new strategy emphasises the specialisation approach. Its objective is to constantly come up to the expectations and needs of its clients. In fact, we consider this approach as the most adapted to the current economic situation because it includes complementary activities offering complete, personalised and adapted services. This approach places electronic information at the heart of the new product developed by the CMC, while projecting other new products and services.

    The CMC’s services revolve around the following themes:
    1. The analysis and follow-up of the economic situation: the Centre’s publications, electronic information, surveys and polls. The launch of “Morocco Business News” is part of the reinforcement of these strategic activities.
    2. Help with decision making within the company: conducting sectoral and strategic studies.
    3. Forecasting and assessing the impact of public policies.
    4. Statistical database.
  Description and assets of the product
    Our ambition, within the CMC, is to make Morocco Business News the unique source of economic information about Morocco in English. Intended to be an element of institutional visibility, this new website will constitute a platform of firsthand, relevant, and quality information. It will reflect the notion of expertise, using all the analysis instruments for understanding the Moroccan socio-economic climate, as well as that of its immediate and international environment.

    The CMC’s analyses and forecasts, which will be published on this new English-language news website, will undergo a professional treatment so as to make them more accessible for a larger public, through very well thought out sections. Rich and varied, these sections will be regularly supplied with fresh, reliable and operational news, analyses and relevant comments.

    As for the form, the website’s eye-friendliness, attractiveness and interactivity will allow for an insightful exchange with our readers. Accuracy and reliability are among our basic values to better serve our clients and readership. This is why a number of prominent decision makers, both public and private, have trusted us for 18 years now.
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